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Book One Coming Soon

2013-12-02 21:31:41 by GiantLatte

Preview's done. Gotta get the first book started. The preview has ended up not being the cover of the first book. So, this is gonna take a lot of paper, thought and effort, so it'll definitely be a while. The title will be "Book I: Eagles Unbound". Can't wait. I'll probably post each book half by half or chapter by chapter, but it'll be under Movies. Well, hope you'll like it, even though it's drawn by hand.

Upcoming Comic

2013-12-01 23:28:20 by GiantLatte

Well, I'm new to this stuff and I probably won't be as famous on Newgrounds as the next guy, but I figured, what the heck? I'll post something. So I've been coming up with the idea for a comic called School Under Siege. It will be about me and my friends when our school is in a devastating prank war with other schools in our district. I haven't figured out how I'll post this whole comic, but I'm planning to split into a series and making it into 3 to 10 books long. I'll be sending a preview, which will most likely be the cover of the first book. I'm hoping people are reading this. If not, okay...